About Stairlifty

Stannah Stairlifts

The principal founder of Stairlifty, Edward Gargan, has worked in NHS health and Social care for over 30yrs.

What Stairlifty can do for you

Having embraced new technology Edward realised that a website dedicated to demystifying the stairlift industry and at the same time informing and empowering users would be the way he could share his knowledge with others.

Stannah Stairlifts

The principal aim of Stairlifty therefore is to impartially inform and empower people who are considering funding such an expensive item. StairLifty’s objective is to become a trusted source of information and a first port of call for those who need advice in this area. If the website is successful it will encourage the stair-lift industry to take note and be mindful of good practice. Any serious mis-
selling reported or uncovered would mean removal of that company from our website. It is hoped that by consulting our website the buyer can:

  1. Primarily be confident that a stair-lift is the right adaptation for them.
  2. Gain a better understanding of the types of lift and features that will be suitable for their staircase.
  3. Consequently be more able to confidently negotiate a fair price. (There is no such thing as an ‘off the shelf’ Stairlift).

Stairlifty receives a commission for each sale that proceeds. The website would not be able to
operate without this funding. This helps to pay for the running of the website and pay part time
employees/contributors. Continued success will fund expansion and development of the website
into other areas such as disability bathing equipment and bathroom adaptations where the same
issues exist. We hope that you will consider the advice you have received to be good value.

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