Stairlift Grants – How to Fund Your Stairlift

Government grants for stairlifts are available. These are called Disabled Facilities Grants. You may qualify, but you do need to meet certain criteria. It is worth at least checking to see if you may be assisted. Charitable funding for stairlifts is available. Charities such as the British Legion and others will assist those who are eligible.

Disabled Facilities Grants

In England and Wales, there are government funds available for stairlifts and other disability adaptations if you meet certain criteria. These are called Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) and are administered by your local authority. The important thing to remember is that these grants are means-tested. You may have to pay something towards the cost of the stairlift. How much if anything you have to pay will depend on your individual financial circumstances. 

Generally, if you have a private income including pension income you will have to contribute. When assessing your contribution the money you have to pay out for your regular bills is not considered. Most local authorities will also insist upon an assessment and recommendation from an Occupational Therapist before they will process a DFG application. Remember also that in certain local authority areas there can be a wait of several months to see an Occupational Therapist. However, to simply find out if you are eligible for a DFG you should contact the council’s Home Improvement agency. If you have all your financial information to hand when you call them they may give you an answer over the phone.   

Charitable Funding

If you have ever been a member of the armed forces the British Legion may assist you to fund a stairlift. They will require your original service number. There will be a local representative who you should contact. You should be able to do this via the local branch. It is also worth contacting SSAFA ( Soldiers, Sailors and Airforce Association) if you are a military veteran. Both of these organisations may also require an Occupational Therapist’s recommendation to ensure that the funds are spent on exactly what is needed. 

For other sources of possible charitable funding check Turn2us. This site specialises in advice and information relating to charitable funding and has an extensive directory of charities.