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How much do stairlift suppliers in Northern Ireland charge?

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Buying a curved stairlift in Northern Ireland  

A curved rail stairlift is designed to go around the corner when your stairs have a turn in them either to the left or right. It is the need for this curve to be tailor-made made for your stairs that means the price of such a stairlift can be up to three times more expensive than a straight track. 

Curved stairlifts can be fitted either side of the stairs. I strongly advise that you make sure the lift covers the whole of the flight. It is generally not advisable to fit two straight stairlifts on a staircase that has a turn in it.

Buying a straight stairlift in Northern Ireland

A straight stairlift travels in a straight line only and is designed for a straight staircase. This is the most common type of lift fitted in the UK. The footplate on the lift should stop level with the top of the stairs. It is best to opt for a seat that will swivel away from the stairs towards the landing area. This will make it easier and safer to get off at the top.  

Make sure the track does not encroach upon any doorway at the top or bottom of the stairs! This could create a serious tripping hazard. See the section on hinge tracks and sliding tracks that are a possible solution to this
Edward Gargan, Registered Occupational Therapist

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Which Northern Ireland suppliers offer stairlift rental?

Stairlift rental can be a great solution for many people. Every stairlift supplier in our Northern Ireland database offers stairlift hire. Use the online assistant above to get a quote.